What is Coaching

A coach guides people to get the best out of their potential. By means of powerful questioning, challenge, confrontation  and other tools the insights and awareness of the coachee are stimulated and developed. The coach  appeals to the self-management of the coachee in achieving the desired results.  The coachee takes[…]

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10 Golden Starting Points

A trustful relationship and the commitment of both coach and coachee are essential to reach the desired results. Coaching is a purposeful and results-driven process. Self-knowledge is the source of all wisdom; an increase in self-awareness will trigger further development and changes. Holding up a mirror to someone can create[…]

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The challenges for which I can provide support as coach are, for example: Personal growth Improving your self-confidence Working with engagement Managing and leading people Increasing assertiveness Working towards a purpose Taking your career in your own hands Improving communication skills Dealing with changes Dealing with emotions Developing competencies Managing[…]

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Target Groups

My coaching practice is targeted for both small and big companies We work with following target groups: managers first line management high potentials entrepreneurs white-collar employees

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Way of Working

A coaching programme  is always made to measure. During the intake session the following aspects are covered: Getting to know each other Information on the coaching process and principles Expectations of the company/coachee/coach Time investment and cost Feedback and practical arrangements During the coaching sessions, steps are taken: To establishing[…]

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Ingrid Coremans
Het Moer 3, 2221 Booischot België

Tel. 015 22 51 58
Gsm. 0473 17 54 47

BTW BE 0896.871.995

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