10 Golden Starting Points

  1. A trustful relationship and the commitment of both coach and coachee are essential to reach the desired results.
  2. Coaching is a purposeful and results-driven process.
  3. Self-knowledge is the source of all wisdom; an increase in self-awareness will trigger further development and changes.
  4. Holding up a mirror to someone can create miracles.
  5. The way you look at matters determines what you see and what you will do.
  6. Increased awareness can help people who were stuck to move and to make changes.
  7. People like to change themselves; they do not want to be changed by others.
  8. The limits of your potential will never be reached. Viewing your potential as the base will lead to responsibility and self-management.
  9. By focusing on the goal instead of  on the problem, more options for change will become available.
  10. Choosing for long-term results requires more than a few and techniques, but in the end will deliver.